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Ethiopia earns $72 million from export of processed meat

Source: Face2Face Africa - April 27, 2017

Ethiopia earned an estimated $72 million in revenue under a nine-month period from the export of processed meat.

The Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute said the country earned about $72 million over the last nine months of the fiscal year, exporting meat to the Gulf Region, according to the Ethiopian Herald.

Ethiopia’s fresh goat meat and mutton are highly priced in the Middle East, with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia as major buyers.

Khalifa Hussein, the deputy director of the institute, revealed that Ethiopia exports about 50 tons of meat daily. According to Hussein, 60 percent of that amount goes to the UAE while a further 38 percent goes to Saudi Arabia.

Ethiopian Meat Producers-Exporters Association Secretary-General Abebaw Mekonen said the association had provided the required facilities to ensure the country satisfies international meat-processing standards, including the provision of modern abattoirs, cold room storage, and laboratory facilities.

“We have managed to make almost all abattoirs across the country implement ISO 22,000 food safety management system that helps them meet international standards,” Mekonen said.

He added that the association regularly offered capacity training workshops and consultation forums with farmers and cattle suppliers to ensure reasonable levels of quality that conform with export standards.

In a related development, an Indian company has invested about $75 million in the construction of an ultramodern meat processing facility in Ethiopia. According to the owners of the facility, Frigorifico Boran Foods Plc., the ultramodern factory is located on about 73 hectares of land in the troubled Oromia region.

When complete, the factory will have the capacity to slaughter and process about 200 cattle and 5,000 sheep and goats and package 75 tonnes of meat products for daily export.

Ethiopia constructs 17 integrated agrofood industrial parks worth US$ 1.5 billion

Ethiopia more and more makes it into the headlines one of the mega projects being the construction of 17 integrated agrofood industry parks worth US$ 1.5 billion. The construction of four of these have already kicked-off in Western Tigray, South-West Amhara, Central Oromia and Eastern SNNP.

The pilot projects are due to be carried out as part of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization's (UNIDO) Programs for Country Partnership, a model partnership for achieving Inclusive Sustainable Industrial Development.

Ethiopia is East and Central Africa’s largest and Africa’s fifth largest importer of food processing and packaging machinery

Global players entering the Ethiopian market

East African Bottling S.C (EABSC) started the construction of a new plant in April 2015. The plant is a part of a 500 million US $ investment including three new plants, implementation will be completed by 2020. EABSC produces and bottles beverages including Fanta, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Schweppes, Coke Light and Dasani bottled water. Over the past two years alone, Coca Cola has invested 200 million US $ in Ethiopia. In addition, it plans to invest more than 350 million US $ in the coming three years. It has registered 47pc growth in terms of gross sale for the current year so far, which is the highest growth rate in sales in the Coca Cola franchise and 15pc achievement of last year. The new plant is expected to be inaugurated within 18 months’ time and it will have one production line with a capacity of 15 million cases a year. (Food Business Africa)

Heineken inaugurated its largest factory in Ethiopia with an investment of 110 million euros outside Addis Ababa in January 2015. The factory has a capacity of producing 1.5 million hectoliters a year. The total investment of Heineken in Ethiopia now already stands at more than US $ 400 million.

Other international companies such as Unilever and Nestlé are reportedly on the go. The drinks giant Diageo has already purchased a local brewery.

The US Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is interested in entering the market through its South African subsidiary Massmart Holdings.

For manufacturers of food and packaging machines Ethiopia is a market of the future that is just about to unfold.

Source: VDMA / Graph: fairtrade 2016

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